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The Center for Exoplanets & Habitable Worlds seeks to discover planets beyond our solar system, to characterize planetary systems and their host stars, and to understand the implications of the abundance of potentially habitable planets for the possibility of life beyond Earth and the origins of our own solar system.   —   Learn More

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Search for Advanced Civilizations Beyond Earth Finds Nothing Obvious in 100,000 Galaxies

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 in Life Beyond Earth & Astrobiology, Research | 0 comments

After searching 100,000 galaxies for signs of highly advanced extraterrestrial life, a team of scientists using observations from NASA’s WISE orbiting observatory has found no evidence of advanced...

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Research in Action: NSF Grant Helps to Further the Search for Earthlike Exoplanets

Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Awards & Honors | 0 comments

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“Brave new world-hunters spot exoplanets on the cheap” – New Scientist

Posted on Jan 7, 2015 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

Prof. Jason Wright and colleagues discuss MINERVA and other upcoming searches...

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Astrobite about MINERVA, the MINiature Exoplanet Radial Velocity Array

Posted on Dec 26, 2014 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

Read PSU Graduate Student Gudundur Stefansson’s Astrobite summary of the...

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The Year in Science: CEHW Highlights 2014

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 in Awards & Honors, News, Press Coverage | 0 comments

2014 has been a year filled with exciting and noteworthy research from the...

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“Looking to Mars to Help Understand Changing Climates” – NYT

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

CEHW member and Evan Pugh Professor Jim Kastings is cited in a New York...

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“War of the Worlds”

Posted on Nov 22, 2014 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

A story chronicles the search for potentially habitable planets. As...

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Could we detect signs of life on a massive super-Earth?

Posted on Nov 20, 2014 in News, Press Coverage | 0 comments

Read CEHW graduate student Natasha Batalha’s “astrobite”, a...

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