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NASA’s Newest Planet Tracker Finds a Sky-high Perch

Posted on Jan 12, 2020 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Instrumentation, Press Coverage | 0 comments

A new instrument funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation called NEID (pronounced “NOO-id”; sounds like...

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NEID Spectrograph Sees First Light

Posted on Jan 10, 2020 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Facilities & Instruments, Featured, Instrumentation, News, Press Coverage | 0 comments

The exoplanet-hunting instrument NEID, designed and built at Penn State, has passed an important milestone on the road to discovering...

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Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials

Posted on Oct 3, 2019 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

A story in the New Yorker highlights CHEW Professor Jason Wright’s contributions to the Search for...

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CEHW Professor Wright honored with 2019 Drake Award

Posted on Mar 27, 2019 in Awards & Honors, Press Coverage | 0 comments

CEHW Professor Jason Wright has been named the recipient of the 2019 Drake Award by the SETI Institute. Read full story at Penn State...

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Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence (PSETI) Center

Posted on Mar 1, 2019 in Announcements, Life Beyond Earth & Astrobiology, Press Coverage | 0 comments

A new Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence (PSETI) Center that will compliment the Center for Exoplanets & Habitable Worlds was...

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“The Next Step In The Search For Aliens Is A Huge Telescope And A Ton Of Math” –

Posted on Jul 21, 2017 in Press Coverage | 0 comments recently reported on two broad approaches to learning about potentially habitable exoplanets and perhaps even signs of...

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Prior Indigenous Technological Species

Posted on May 6, 2017 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

Gizmodo reports on CEHW Professor Jason Wright’s recent pondering on whether scientists could do a better job of searching for...

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In search of Earth analogues: Detecting exoplanets amid stellar noise

Posted on May 5, 2017 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

The April 2017 issue of Significance has a popular-level story about the challenges of detecting low-mass exoplanets. The article was...

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Shredding Exoplanets, And The Mysteries They May Unravel

Posted on Feb 27, 2016 in Planetary Atmospheres & Interiors, Press Coverage, Research | 0 comments

CEHW Prof. Jason Wright’s research was featured in ManyWorlds, a blog sponsored by NASA’s Nexus for Exoplanet Systems Science....

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A star so fascinating…

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 in Life Beyond Earth & Astrobiology, News, Planet-forming & Debris Disks, Press Coverage | 0 comments

Most of the time scientists labor in obscurity.  But sometimes a science result captures the public’s imagination in a way...

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