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Our Solar System


Our solar system has long shaped humankind’s understanding of the cosmos.  We are able to characterize the properties of the planets, moons and other small bodies in our solar system in much greater detail than other planetary systems.  Researchers at the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds aim to integrate our detailed knowledge of our solar solar system with astronomical observations of other planetary systems.

Faculty Contacts

  • Rebekah Dawson studies the dynamical history of the Solar System and the inner Uranian moons.
  • Eric Ford considers how new ideas in planet formation theory developed to explain extrasolar planets could impact our understanding of the solar system.
  • James Kasting models atmospheres and climate of the terrestrial planets.
  • Kevin Luhman has placed constraints on properties of giant planets in the outermost regions of our solar system.
  • Steinn Sigurdsson evaluates the efficiency of transport of volatiles across the solar system.
  • Jason Wright has worked on problems of the Moon’s formation and crust development.

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