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CEHW-led Team Selected to Build Next-Generation Exoplanet-Hunting Spectrograph

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Instrumentation, News, Research | 0 comments

The CEHW instrument team added a new planet-finding spectrograph to its portfolio today, as NASA announced they have selected the Penn...

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The Year in Science: CEHW Highlights 2014

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 in Awards & Honors, News, Press Coverage | 0 comments

2014 has been a year filled with exciting and noteworthy research from the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds.  We are delighted...

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Stellar Activity and Gliese 667C on the HPF Blog

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Life Beyond Earth & Astrobiology, Research | 0 comments

Have a look at today’s update on the HPF blog discussing Paul Robertson and Suvrath Mahadevan’s new study on the stellar...

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