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Congratulations to Incoming CEHW Postdocs

Congratulations to Incoming CEHW Postdocs

Current CEHW postdoc Dr. Paul Robertson will be expanding his research at Penn State thanks to a NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellowship.  Paul’s research will focus on “Spotting Blue Planets Around Spotted Red Stars: Removing Stellar Activity from Radial Velocities of M Dwarf Stars“.  His research will enhance the efficiency of exoplanet detection with Penn State’s upcoming HPF spectrograph.

This Fall, current UC Santa Cruz graduate student Angie Wolfgang will be joining the Penn State team as an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow.  Angie’s postdoctoral research will focus on “An Unexpected Population: Data-Driven Modeling of the Evolution of Sub-Neptunes and Super-Earths”.  Her research will build on expertise in the Penn State Center for Astrostatistics and Institute for CyberScience to improve our understanding of small planets.

Congratulations to both on their successful proposals for these prestigious fellowships.   They will complement last year’s class of new postdocs and research associates to help enhance the research, teaching and outreach missions of Penn State & CEHW.

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