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3rd Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities (EPRV)

3rd Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities (EPRV)

3rd Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities (EPRV)
The Penn Stater
University Park, PA, USA
August 14-17, 2017

Registration is now available!  Please proceed to the meeting website for registration and full meeting details.

Meeting Flyer is now available!



We have reserved a block of rooms at the Penn Stater Conference Center and Hotel. Attendees may find that other hotels and lodging options are extremely expensive that week, which is “move-in” week.  Use the group code TWAE17A.

Child Care

There will be on-site child care for children under 6 of workshop participants. There are a very limited number of spots available on a first-come first-served basis, and significant advance notice will be required to take advantage of this.  We are seeking funds to subsidize the cost, which will be between $49–68/day, depending on age.

We’ll be setting up pre-registration soon, but if you think you’ll take advantage of this email and help you to secure a spot at the child-care center right away.


The Monday following the conference there will be a total eclipse of the Sun. Overseas participants may want to extend their stay in the US by a few days to see it.

The path of totality will not come very near State College, but places like the Carolina coast, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, or the Grand Tetons of Wyoming would be scenic places to see it.  The Oregon coast and Cascades are also very beautiful, but notorious for their cloudy weather.

Science Organizing Committee:

Jason Wright (Penn State, chair)
Vladimir Airapetian (NASA GSPC / George Mason U)
Fabienne Bastien (Penn State)
David Brain (U Colorado)
Cullen Blake (U Penn)
Jessi Cisewski (Yale)
Rebekah Dawson (Penn State)
Xavier Dumusque (Harvard CfA)
Michael Endl  (U Texas McDonald Obs)
Debra Fischer (Yale)
Dawn Gelino (NExScI)
Andrew Howard (Caltech)
John Johnson (Harvard)
Christophe Lovis (U Geneva)
Suvrath Mahadevan (Penn State)
Motohide Tamura (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Johanna Teske (Carnegie Observatories)
Sharon Wang (Carnegie Institute of Washington, DTM)

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