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PandExo: Online Tool for Simulating JWST & HST Observations of Transiting Exoplanets

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 in Announcements, Featured, Instrumentation, Planetary Atmospheres & Interiors, Research, Statistical Methodology & Data Analysis | 0 comments

We are happy to announce the avaliability of PandExo, an online tool and python package for simulating observations of transiting...

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CEHW-led Team Selected to Build Next-Generation Exoplanet-Hunting Spectrograph

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Instrumentation, News, Research | 0 comments

The CEHW instrument team added a new planet-finding spectrograph to its portfolio today, as NASA announced they have selected the Penn...

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Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) Gets an Upgrade

Posted on Nov 5, 2015 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Instrumentation, News | 0 comments

Read more about the HET upgrade in the press release.   Image Captionn: The Hobby-Eberly Telescope. Credit: Ethan Tweedie...

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NASA picks Penn State-led team to Advance Concept for a Precision Planet Hunting Instrument

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 in Exoplanet & Brown Dwarf Surveys, Instrumentation, News | 0 comments

On a rugged Arizona mountaintop, astronomers will soon switch on a new, state-of-the-art instrument to hunt for planets circling distant...

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Atmospheres of distant worlds probed with new technique

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 in Instrumentation, Planetary Atmospheres & Interiors, Research | 0 comments

Astronomers on two research teams, including an astronomer at Penn State, have demonstrated the power of a new technique to determine the...

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