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Nexus for Exoplanet System Science

Nexus for Exoplanet System Science

The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) is a NASA research coordination network dedicated to the study of planetary habitability. The goals of NExSS are to investigate the diversity of exoplanets and to learn how their history, geology, and climate interact to create the conditions for life. NExSS investigators also strive to put planets into an architectural context — as solar systems built over the eons through dynamical processes and sculpted by stars. Based on our understanding of our own solar system and habitable planet Earth, researchers in the network aim to identify where habitable niches are most likely to occur, which planets are most likely to be habitable. Penn State faculty Eric Ford and Jason Wright serve on the NExSS Steering Committee and lead teams participating in NExSS.

Faculty Contacts

  • Eric Ford
  • Jason Wright

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