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Planets Around Stellar Remnants

Planets Around Stellar Remnants

January 23-27, 2012

Arecibo, Puerto Rico
This meeting will summarize our current understanding of planetary companions to subdwarfs, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes, 20 years after the announcement of planets around the millisecond pulsar, PSR B1257+12. Discussion will include the following general topics:

  • Stellar Remnant Planet Inventory
  • Neutron star planets
  • White dwarf/subdwarf planets
  • Disk Observations
  • NS debris disks
  • Dusty disks around WDs
  • Gas disks around WDs
  • Theory of Disk and Planet Formation
  • Evolution of planetary systems around subgiants/giants
  • Planet formation/survival around OB stars
  • “Second chance planets“:
  • disk and planet formation around WDs/NSs/BHs
  • Life on Planets Around Stellar Remnants
  • Life and stellar evolution
  • Habitability of planets around stellar remnants

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